Thursday, April 19, 2012

San Diego's BIG week in cocktails

Sam Ross in motion. Read about the future of cocktails, according to him, and his latest project in today's Food & Wine Magazine online post.

World renowned mixologist Sam Ross 'tended bar at Noble Experiment-- arguably San Diego's craft cocktail cultural hub-- this past Sunday and Monday. The nationally recognized East Village speakeasy has put our town on the map of places to drink classic cocktails in the US, and the man who's usually behind the bar is to credit for that; it was announced earlier this week that resident mixologist Anthony Schmidt has a feature in Food & Wine Magazine's Cocktails 2012 guidebook. Buy it here. 

It was Schmidt's Old Fashioned that garnered the nod-- a great compliment to his skills, noted the bartender, on his Facebook page earlier this week. 

And, the good news for distilled spirits sippers doesn't stop there...

Next week, Noble Experiment's big brother and adjoining pub, Neighborhood Ale House, will be rolling out its draft cocktail program. Say what??? The first of its kind in San Diego, the 18 tap system is a collaboration by designer Paul Basile and West Coast Beverage Inc. and will feature Schmidt's sweet nectars, plus wine and sodas. 

For a preview, check out what Schmidt revealed in this week's CityBeat Nibbles

Sam's take on my favorite cocktail of all time-- the Ramos Gin Fizz.  The only addition to the classic was fresh raspberries. Made with Beefeater. Absolutely magnificent. 

A big thanks to Sam Ross for bringing his expertise to San Diego, and naming Schmidt as a tequila-slinger to watch in this blurb from today's F&W article: 

"I do a fair bit of work out in San Diego, and I’m always shocked at the amount of people coming in requesting smoky mezcals—substantially more than what I was exposed to in New York. I’m not the hugest fan of tequila and mezcal, so it’s been a challenge for me. I have to find a way to make drinks that maybe I wouldn’t necessarily drink. I’ll always look to a couple of great bartenders—Phil Ward [NYC's Mayahuel] and Anthony Schmidt [San Diego's Noble Experiment]—whose tequila and mezcal drinks are sensational. I’ll go to my little booklet of their originals and make something of theirs."

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