Monday, August 2, 2010

Where to eat on Convoy Street

When San Diego-proper closes its eyes and eateries for the night, resist the drive thru and instead head a few miles northeast to Convoy Street. Along this 3-mile stretch of road, a survey of Asian cuisine beckons your taste buds’ attention— sizzling stirfrys to handmade steamed dumplings, silky curries with sticky rice; yakitori, pho, and Korean BBQ in between. Whether you wash it all down with Boba tea, or cap it off with Soju, head to Convoy Street, San Diego’s ‘Asia-Town.’
4861 Convoy Street
SD, 92111
Ramen cravings are satisfied until 3am Thursday through Sunday at Tajima, and don’t miss out on nightly specials like Japanese style pancakes, Yakitori and sushi rolls.
4916 Convoy Street
SD, 92111
Tucked away in a strip mall, handmade Chinese noodles and (of course) a variety of traditional steamed or fried dumplings are worth the crowds and wait.
4255 Convoy Street
SD, 92111
Tom Yum soup with rice, roasted duck panang curry, and wide egg noodles with brown sauce and broccoli (pad see ew) are reigning favorites at Thai House Cuisine.
Soju Town
4681 Convoy Street
SD, 92111
Depending how much Soju you consume, choose from karaoke, spicy chicken gizzard skewers, and more at this multi-faceted restaurant and lounge.
Rare pieces of beef cook before your eyes in an herbaceous broth of fennel, mint and cilantro, while translucent rice noodles soak up all the goodness.
4647 Convoy Street
SD, 92111
Galbi, or beef short ribs marinated in garlic, soy sauce, sugar and barbecued are deliciously tender at Friend’s House Korean; served alongside the seafood hot pot, this meal might be perfect.
4646 Convoy Street
Popular milk teas with tapioca, or boba, are a sweet yet light way to celebrate dessert time; try the almond milt tea, hot or iced.

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