Friday, December 2, 2011

Danny's Palm Bar- Classic Burger Time

Miguel Madera, also known as Nacho, was the cook at Danny's Palm Bar in Coronado for 18 years. On his 1994 stay in Coronado, President Clinton ordered, and reportedly loved Nacho's style. Nacho opened his very own place El Sol Mexican Restaurant in North Park, where you can still order his famed burgers, including the Frog Burger with bacon, guacamole and cheese. I have eaten at both places, and like the burgers almost equally... but there's just something about Danny's that wins. Plus, the French fries taste like tortilla chips. Love that. 

 Kind of reminds me of an overturned boat. 

This burger is basic, and a welcome depart from the frilly beef sandwiches we're finding more and more. 

The onion rings are also good.