Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grubby Pics

Back in August, I started writing a bi-weekly food column for CityBeat called Grubby Bitch. I’m no photographer but I like to try, and was stoked to learn that one of my shots would be included with each piece. Nibble on these tasty leftovers:

Above: The man who kicked Bobby Flay’s ass in a fish taco Throwdown preparing one of my favorite dishes in town. Cesar Gonzalez opened Mama Testa in 2004, where there’s 29 tacos representing almost all the states in Mexico. This version from Guerrero is tops in my book.

Above: Mojados de Carne. Rolled tacos and spicy soup are two of my favorite things– add ‘em to one dish and I’m in heaven.
The burger at STACKED, Fashion Valley Mall’s latest resto, is downright delicious and affordable. I loved using the table-top iPad to drag and drop toppings onto my dream burger. The fresh-fried potato chips gave this sandwich great crunch.

As you can see from my messy table, there’s plenty of side sauces to choose from– 70 to be exact, made in-house and so fun for dipping, smearing, finger-painting– you name it.

Rose Donuts (5201 Linda Vista Road) is the shit.

A high moment caught by my friend Sean: hangover breakfast of champions in full-effect.

One breakfast sandwich, a couple donuts and a double chocolate milkshake. Oh yes, I unbuttoned my pants at the table for this one.

The man, err, meal of my dreams: low and slow smoked spare ribs at Coop’s West Texas BBQ(2625 Lemon Grove Ave.).

Coop says his BBQ is THE real deal in San Diego, where most “BBQ” restaurants cheat by boiling, grilling or adding liquid smoke for flavor. After five visits for these ribs, brisket and pulled pork (over the course of a month), it’s safe to say that Coop’s mesquite smoking method yields some seriously addicting meat.