Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Liquids only @ Bankers Hill Restaurant

If you’re nursing a multi-day hangover, there’s no hair-of-the-dog quite like one that comes with a dose of protein. Until recently, I was unaware of the healing properties that booze, citrus, sugar and egg whites yield in drinks like the (gin) Fizz or in this case, Rum Ramos at Bankers Hill Restaurant.
Luckily I have some rich man-friends who consider $24 for two crafty cocktails (and my contentment) worth it. In the shitty cell phone picture above, behold the Rum Ramos; Three Sheets Rum by Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits never disappoints, and in this instance, combines with ingredients to taste like a melted orange creamsicle. If you have a raw-egg phobia, forget about it– you’d never know what you were drinking unless, well, you read the menu. Trust me– the egg whites add a frothy, dairy-like quality to the drink and yeah, a dose of protein will snap your lagging-ass back into reality.
Rest assured that one of these beverages’ll revive your long-lost buzz, or kick a freshy into high gear. For its medicinal benefits and delicious nature, this drink is totally worth it– even if some dude isn’t around to foot the bill.
WARNING: I may or may not fairly judge a restaurant’s food if The Eagles ‘Hotel California’ played overhead at any point during the meal.
After two visits to Bankers Hill Restaurant, I know what I’ll return for: soup and cocktails. Food that requires teeth at this loud, uncomfortable, overpriced restaurant just isn’t worth chewing, and certainly doesn’t live up to the hype surrounding its James Beard Award nominee/semi-finalist executive chef, Carl Schroeder.
Wary from visit number one, on this recent stop I pulled a tried-and-tested trick: I ordered one of my all time favorite dishes. I’d either love it and sing the restaurant praises, or make nasty faces and damn it to hell.
I can’t say that I damned Banker’s Hill Restaurant, but my $17 fish and chips were just that– fish and fucking potato chips (fresh-fried and tasty, albeit). Seriously? I know you have fries back there, stingy bastards. It’s an insult not to raise the already ridiculous price another buck or two and include ‘em!
The Arrogant Bastard Ale battered (local) Ling Cod had great flavor, but was quite dry. When I chomp into fried fish, I expect to feel a slight crunch from the batter and then soft, juicy meat. Let’s just say there was a whole lot of crunching going on.
Truthfully, I didn’t care all that much because I was halfway into Rum Ramos #2, and  joyfully dunking my potato chips into some of the best tartar sauce ever. Not totally “damned” but DAMN… hard fish sticks and potato chips is something I’d throw together, half-baked at home, and never expect to eat at a restaurant whilst lit-up on $12 cocktails. Know what I’m saying?
Soup, however, is on at Bankers Hill Restaurant. I fell mouth-over-bowl in love with a savory and sweet pumpkin soup last fall, and on this visit encountered an equally impressive chilled avocado variety.
A lot of people like Bankers Hill restaurant. The food menu is simply categorized into appetizers and entrees, and everything is under $20.  If you haven’t been, give ‘em a shot– just be sure to butter up with a cocktail and soup first.