Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All that in a bag of chips

After consuming copious amounts of typical 4th of July fare (booze, burgers, chocolate chip cookies, et al), I forgot about my prized Cost Plus World Market find: Zapp’s Cajon Dill Potato Chips. I discovered Zapp’s recently when a well-reputed eater brought a bag to a small, outdoor gathering. With a soft-core gleam in his eyes, he recalled spotting the limited edition bag of Spicy Creole Tomato with Tabasco chips from across the isle at Super Junior Market; having expereinced Zapp’s before, he said, the thought of spicy tomato, Cajun-style, kettle fried chips moved him, and possibly even “it.”
The chips were a crowd pleaser, one person even dropped trou, and it goes without saying I that was immediately hooked. Admittedly, I’ve never been one of those “potato chips are my weakness” types; however, chips and salsa are a different story. I never really considered chips much of a regional snack food either, but upon reading Zapp’s website, my native San Diegan eyes opened to the wonderful world of what has to be Louisiana’s tastiest export.  Using specially designed kettles, potatoes are cut “thick” and fried one batch at a time, resulting in perfectly dark-golden, hardly greasy chips that crunch without raking the roof of your mouth, incomparably flavored with the likes of Cajun Dill, Cajun Crawtator, and Voodoo (according to their website, the good tasting result of an accident) seasonings. Zapp’s also has more mainstream flavors like Sea Salt & Vineagar, BBQ and more, but I’ve found early morning and late-nite munchie bliss in the Cajun-heat infused, specialty spice blends.
You can definitely find Zapp’s at Super Junior Market, Cost Plus World Market, or order from the company’s website, but I haven’t found them at any other stores or delis. I have never located my own bag of the Spicy Creole Tomato Tabasco ever. If you know of a San Diego locale that carries these chips, please  leave a comment below.
  1. they have em at Jug’s Liquor in PB
  2. Order them from their website and get any flavor you want.
  3. They have these things ay Seisel’s.. I bought em once and didn’t like em.. But what the fuck do I know?
  4. Hi there! We sell them at Seisel’s Old Fashioned Meats, and we are getting a new shipment in on Monday morning. Come on down!
  5. Amy…these are my jam. Louisiana girl over here knows all ’bout dem Zapp’s. you need 1/2 and 1/2 fried oyster friend shrimp po-boy along with dat. ust sayin’. -Lisa de Link