Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eat this: Chicago hotdog @ Quality Social

The Chicago Dog at Quality Social: A mouthful you don’t wanna miss.
Baseball season is upon us, and whether you’re a true fan or simply enjoy the American tradition of rooting for the home team with peanuts and crackerjacks handy, there’s no denying the hot dog’s emblematic (and delicious) relevance to the sport. Americana on a bun, simply dressed with mustard or loaded with steaming chili and cheddar cheese, tubular meat between bread symbolizes so much more than baseball fan-fare– after all, it’s New York’s quintessential street food, the standard at 4th of July BBQs, and that spongy mystery meat Mom tossed into your mac and cheese as a kid. Bottom line: hot dogs are as American as apple pie, and plain ‘ole good any time of day.
My favorite interpretation is the Chicago Dog (pictured above), and I know just where to get one.Quality Social, whose kitchen is led by Chicagoan Executive Chef Jared Van Camp (aka the ‘Sausage King’), appropriately turns out perhaps the best you can find in San Diego. Hot dogs are crafted in-house using a blend of beef and pork, and can be ordered steamed or charred, with or without all the fixins’. Van Camp sees to it that all condiments are made in-house as well, and no true Chicago dog would be complete without florescent pickle relish, deli mustard, Kosher pickle, diced onions, tomato, hot peppers and a dusting of celery salt. The unmistakable snap of hot dog casing, juicy meat and tangy, spicy vegetables makes for a mouthful you don’t want to miss, so stop in for a sit down, or do it my way and smuggle a couple in your purse to the first home game of the season on April 5th.
This dog is indeed a good one and it measures up great to the real deal in the Windy City.

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