Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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In case you didn’t know, succulents and cactus are nearly impossible to kill because they don’t require a ton of space or attention (ideal in an urban setting). There’s a variety of both at Pigment, and books to guide you along the way.

Feeling like your urban dwellings need a lift? Lack an outdoor garden and wish you had space for indoor plants? Or (like in my case), do you absolutely suck at nurturing life outside of the sprouting potatoes long forgotten in the depths of your pantry? No matter your drab domestic situation, Pigment in North Park is stocked with all the colorful and– gasp– low maintenance (!?) life forms that’ll do just the trick.

There’s several Eco Orbs to choose from, and a great selection of ‘air plants’, colored sands and other fillers that you can mix and match to create the bubble-garden look that strikes your fancy. If you’d like to purchase a complete kit, they come pre-packaged with everything you’ll need to simply assemble yourself at home. The kits come in 4 sizes and colors from $30-$65. Deal!

In lieu of the holidays, there’s ornament style orbs that fit the smallest variety of air plants. Air plants can live in a totally dry environment, but do require an overnight soak in water once a week.

There’s hope! Ceiling and wall suspended plants will fit in any closet sized-home.

Besides indoor plants, Pigment features a vast selection of jewelery,  home decorflooring options, art and design books and more. Most of the jewelery (and there’s a lot) is made locally and ranges in price from $30 to over $200. (The pieces that piqued my interest had an average price of about $100.) Perfect for your Boo this holiday season.
Amy Paul is a San Diego based artist and owner of Pigment. You can see her art here, or fall in love with it in person at her shop. I particularly love Amy’s homage to north San Diego in the ‘cityscapes’ series. Think iconic landmarks, patterns of telephone wires against the sky, and Lindbergh bound airplanes.

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